About Us

Welcome to the Chaney Family Winery experience! Established in 2023, our winery is a true demonstration to passion, dedication, and a relentless pursuit of exceptional craftsmanship. At our winery, we merge tradition and innovation to create wines that tantalize the senses and ignite the imagination. Our team of skilled winemakers meticulously select the finest grapes, passionately nurturing them from vine to bottle. With each sip, you’ll experience the essence of the vineyard and the artistry that goes into every drop.

Jaimye and Scott Chaney


From Italian heritage, both Jaimye and Scott Chaney possess a strong love of wine which eventually led them to creating the Chaney Family Winery and beginning a life of winemaking. Our vineyard dog, Kevin, enjoys long walks in the vines and long naps on the balcony.

Mikaela Schooler


Mikaela is a B.Sc. microbiologist and winemaking graduate with five years’ industry experience in various vinification applications . When she moved to Southern California, she spent her summers with her family exploring the different wine regions of the nation with our winery lab dog, Bisco. Her father, Scott Chaney, gave her an introduction to and appreciation for wine.

Lauryn Chaney

Director of Marketing & Sales

Lauryn holds a B.A. in Communications and has worked in various business, project management, and operational roles for private and multinational firms where she specialized in marketing, media, and interpersonal communication. Her passion for wine was initiated by her mother, Jaimye Chaney, from wine tasting throughout California.


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